Saturday, December 15, 2012

Frank Vennes Defense Plans to Introduce Testimony and Exhibits About HIs "Good Acts"

The Government has filed pretrial motions with the Court  his week including a history of the criminal activities of Frank Vennes that includes new details about his previous conviction for money laundering, drug and gun trafficking (more about that in the next post).

In one document, the prosecution says Vennes has submitted a list of 45 witnesses to be called to testify on his behalf and 196 exhibits. James Fry has not yet submittted a witness list or exhibit list.

The Government says witnesses and exhibits are about specific "good acts" including his involvement with "various charities" and his donations. Readers of this blog will have a pretty good idea who those charities are and number and size of the contributions.

The Government also asked the Court to preclude an expert witness for Defense who will apparently testify that the criminal history of Frank Vennes and "the flow of funds" is not material to the case. The prosecutors claim that testimony will only confuse the jury who will, in the end be deciding the materiality of that evidence.