Saturday, June 23, 2012

Palm Beach Finance Trustee Settlement With Vennes Attorney Craig Howse

Read the settlement (link PDF) at the website for the Trustee for Palm Beach Finance.

The settlement payment is $1,225,000 which will be paid out of the Howse and Thompson professional liability insurance policy.

Further clawback action by Liquidating Trustee is barred and the parties have exchanged general releases from future claims. This release includes the "Winning Edge Holding Company" a business entity "affiliated with Mr. Howse".

Mr. Howse has also agreed to cooperate with the Trustee's investigation without serving process or subpoena on Mr. Howse.

If Howse had not settled with the Trustee, the Trustee would likely filed claims against Howse asserting "fraudulent transfer" and "professional negligence", claims Howse has denied.

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