Thursday, March 7, 2013

Volling Letter Promises Vennes Will Testify Against James Fry

Attorney James Volling who has received huge fees (one estimate is $4 million) from who knows where (I assume the creditors) for defending Frank Vennes, now throws his client to  the wolves:
With regard to the trial of James Fry currently scheduled to begin May 14, 2013, I am writing to inform you that my client, Mr. Frank Elroy Vennes Jr. is willing to testify at that trial if he is called by either side. If he is called to testify, he will not assert his Fifth Amendment rights. Please contact me with any questions. Best regards.
Mr. Volling has asked for and received an extension on the pre-sentence investigation deadline and report to May 28th.

QUESTION: Will the jury believe the testimony of  Frank Vennes? Vennes stated over a year ago in court that he was "emphatically not guilty" but on the eve of his trial, last month admitted, perhaps not as emphatically that he was indeed guilty.